Tampa Pro 2019 is HERE! Will We See You There?

February 27, 2019

Tampa Pro 2019 kicks off THIS WEEKEND at the Skatepark of Tampa located on E. Columbus Dr. Doors open this Thursday at 12:00 PM for registration, open practice, and the park will be open to the public skaters. 

The Welcome to Town Party which initiates the new incoming pros to this awesome annual event but also let's some familiar faces and returning pros to get to see one another and catch up will start at 8PM that Thursday. The party will be located at The Bricks and all proceeds benefit the local Boards for Bros Charity. These donations will help Boards for Bros continue to gather, refurbish and distribute skateboards to kids who can't afford their own, along with providing mentoring, providing safe skate spots and equipment. 

10:00 AM the next day, doors will reopen to start off the first day of competitions. It's $10.00 for Spectator Admission. Pro open practice skate and at 5 PM The Team Manager/Industry V.I.P Content christens the first contest of the 2019 Tampa Pro. This event is open to team managers, retired pros (for at least 5 years), and company owners. The Industry Bowl Game ensues at 7:30 that evening, which is also open to retired pros, team manager, film crews and company owners. 

10:00 AM on Saturday will start with pro practice skate until the Street Qualifiers start up at 1:00PM. It's $15.00 for Spectator Admission, this fee includes admission to the Saturday Night Party. The Independent Trucks Best Trick Contest starts immediately after the Street Qualifiers. 

Saturday Night Life is one of the reasons Tampa Pro is such a unique, exciting, and memorable event. The Skatepark of Tampa ignites with pumped up fans, burning bulbs spilling electric light onto the ramps, and the sound of wheels hitting wood on repeat.  Located at SPoT, you can experience the ultra fun Pro Party starting at 6:00PM and the Converse Concrete Jam following at 7:30 PM. 

Tampa Pro 2019 concludes on Sunday March 3rd. $15 Spectator Admission. The day begins at 10:00 AM for pro practice open skate, with the Street Semi-Finals beginning at 1:00 PM. This features the winners from the Street Qualifiers, joined by previous Tampa Pro winners. At 4:00 PM the Street Finals begin and determine this years' winner of Tampa Pro. 10 winners from the semi-finals, and two Straight Shot final winners from the Qualifiers compete in three, one-minute runs where their best run counts for it all, and will showcase their speed, and skill. At 6:00 PM the winners will be announced and awards will be distributed. 

Tampa Pro 2019 warps it up with the Sunday Tampa Pro After Party located once again at The Bricks at 1327 E. 7th Avenue in Tampa at 8:00 PM, but be wary, the times can be a little wonky at these events.

We are beyond pumped to see everyone this year, Funbox Monthly will be out reppin' with our Team Skaters and crew. We'll be giving out sweet gifts bags and treats for all your guys out there planning on attending this year! Hit us up @funboxmonthly to show off your Tampa Pro 2019 prep and style. 

    Check out some of our highlights from last year's Pro! Can't wait to see you all there and nab some more sick shots! 

    You can watch a big portion of the Tampa Pro events live