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  • Stacked with $65+ worth of gear every month.

  • Hand curated by skaters for skaters.

  • Exclusive products and collaborations you won't find anywhere else.


  • This month's Funbox is available until the last day of the month at 1am EST.

  • All Funboxes start shipping on the 25th of the month so you should receive your box before the last day of the month.

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Cancel your subscription at any time. Plans automatically renew.

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Boxes ship between the 20th and the 25th of the month.

Unbeatable Value

Every box is stacked with over $50 worth of gear. That’s more than $300 of free gear in the 12 month subscription!

Exclusive Products

We’ve partnered with the top brands in skating to bring you a variety of exclusive gear every month!

Past Funboxes

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The Money Saver

The money saver: Not only does the Acid Chemical Co Skate Tool have every tool you'll need packed into one grade A gadget, but the TrickTape Variety Pack will put some life back in your shoes! This box also includes a sick OhCake Sweet Tooth T-shirt, Funbox Metal Keychain, and Divert Collective Wristband; essentials for keeping your look fresh.

  • Acid Chemical Co Skate Tool - 12.99
  • OhCake Sweet Tooth T-Shirt - 25.00
  • TrickTape Variety Pack - 7.99
  • Funbox Metal Keychain - 4.00
  • DIVERTcollective Wristband - 21.99
Funbox Image

Skate Convenience

The box of skate convenience. You'll have a spare pocket to bring your Skate Dice in once all your cards and cash is stashed in your Funbox Phone Wallet. Not to mention, sick Andale Bearings on the ready if you happen to break a few on your daily grind, and some sick Glassy Sunhaters to keep that shine out your eye. Then slap that giant sized Spitfire Sticker to rep what sport is best and call it a day.

  • Andale Bearings - 14.95
  • Glassy Sunhaters Sunglasses - 29.95
  • Spitfire Sticker - 9.99
  • SK8 Dice - 15.99
  • Funbox Phone Wallet - 8.95
Funbox Image

Stacked and Packed

This box is PACKED! With everything from apparel, to skate gear, to sticker packs, this box is sure to satisfy every skaters needs.

  • Psockadelic Socks - 10.00
  • Rat Cheese Skate Wax - 5.99
  • Plus Reserve Hardware - 6.95
  • Lacorda X FBM shoelace belt - 10.00
  • BLVD Video Quinto - Priceless
  • RipNDip sticker pack - 12.00
Funbox Image

Fresh Smells

Something smells good! Is it the freshly baked OhCake Crispy Cruisers or the Skate Mental Air Freshener? Probably both! In addition to good smells, you'll be getting good looks once you get those Mates Leather Laces tied and that Midnight Rituals Skate Wizard pin, pinned up properly.

  • OhCake Crispy Cruisers - 32.99
  • Midnight Rituals Skate Wizard Pin - 10.00
  • Mates Leather Laces - 8.99
  • Skate Mental Air Freshener - 4.99
Funbox Image

Kreate and Destroy

Keep a fresh look with the Skate Kreations Pendant and Destruction Wizard Hat. Then speed on over to your friend's house with your freshly lubed bearings, courtesy of Donut Jelly, and share that magazine to stoke your skate flame.

  • Skate Kreations Pendant - 17.99
  • Destruction Wizard 5 Panel Hat - 29.99
  • Donut Jelly - 7.99
  • Cemental Skate Magazine - Priceless
Funbox Image

Future Too Bright

With Tye Dye Grizzly Grip and Nectar Shades in this box, it's to no surprise this brings chill vibes wherever it's opened. Then keep your drink cold with the coozie as you watch that sick Mash With Us DVD.

  • Mash With Us DVD - 9.99
  • Tye Dye Grizzly Grip - 14.99
  • Nectar Shades - 34.99
  • Mash With x Funbox Coozie - Priceless


What do I get every month in a Funbox?

Every month we're packing your Funbox full of gear including core skate items, T-shirts, apparel, surprise items and of course TONS of stickers. Bringing you a $65+ retail value in every Funbox!

How much is a Funbox and when will I get it?

Funbox monthly subscriptions start at $21 but you can save if you choose prepaid plans. All Funboxes ship between the 20th and the 25th each month. You can buy this month's Funbox up until 1:00am EST on the last day each month.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. If you subscribe on a 3 or 12-month basis, you'll be able to opt out of automatic renewal at the end of your subscription.

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