What do I get every month in a Funbox?

Every month we're packing your Funbox full of gear including core skate items, T-shirts, apparel, surprise items and of course TONS of stickers. Bringing you a $50+ retail value in every Funbox! 

How much is a Funbox and when will I get it? 

Funbox monthly subscriptions start at $25 but you can save if you choose prepaid plans (check those out here).
All Funbox's ship between the 10th and the 20th of the month. You can buy this months Funbox up to 1:00amEST on the last day of the month.

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes! Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time. If you subscribe on a 3-, 6- or 12-month basis, you'll be able to opt out of automatic renewal at the end of your subscription.

Still have questions? No problem, we have answers. Email us at hello@funboxmonthly.com


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