What is funbox?

What is Funbox?

Funbox Monthly is a subscription box for skateboarders! We include 5-8 handpicked items worth over $65+ in retail that are guaranteed to add some stoke to your skate flame. Expect anything from shirts and hats to bearings and wheels from brands you've grown to love and new ones on the rise.We give you an option to subscribe for a monthly subscription or for a prepaid multiple month subscription.Check out our subscription options here!Plans do automatically renew but you may cancel at any time.


How Much Is Funbox?

How Much Is Funbox?

Like many subscription services, Funbox Monthly does have different subscription options. You can check those out on our As usual, the more months you subscribe for, the more money you will end up saving!The cost you see is the cost of the box themselves plus a $6 shipping fee that will be added to the total before checking out. International shipping will vary depending on where you are located in the world. (Ex: If you decide to select a "3 month subscription", you will pay $69 for the 3 months plus $18 for shipping plus normal state taxes.)1 Month - $25 per month3 Months - $69 ($23 per month)12 Months - $252 ($21 per month)


How Can I Cancel?

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

After you sign up, you will receive an email to activate your account and once that is done, you will be able to to your Funbox Monthly account.If you are having issues with logging into your account or cancelling, you can reach out to our customer service team - - anytime or contact us and we will help access your account for you!All feedback is greatly appreciated!


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